Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Update: Partner :) & IMATs.

Firstly, I would like to thank EVERYONE who has ever watched my videos, subscribed to me, followed me on twitter, commented my videos, liked my videos and generally shown interest. You have made it possible for me to become a YOUTUBE PARTNER. Im so freakin happy :) and I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for everyone who has supported me.. The love is overwhelming :) Please stay with me to continue this journey.. Ive got some surprises for you all, very soon.

So, I recently went to IMATs with my friend Natalie, who I met through Youtubing :) Her channel is www.youtube.com/blushblendbeauty Shes amazing at makeup so go check her out.
Whilst there we met up with beautycrush, daniellachristina1, shirlybeniang, britpopprincess and fashionrocksmysocks :) love them all.
Also, I met Pixiwoo.. They were beautiful. Nic is especially striking. They had a chat with me and Natalie, and they were pretty shocked that so many of us watch their vids.. It was crazy!!

The day was so tiring & at kinda disappointing. I don't think the organisers anticipated how busy the event would be. Literally, you couldn't walk anyway.. MAC & Crown Brushes were so over crowded.
I got a few bits though, which you can check out in my IMATs haul + vlog (i'll leave the video below)

The day was jam packed & the makeup that was going on there was just amazinggggggg. I realised that makeup isnt just fun, its an art too :)

Heres some pictures of the day..

Click the above link to watch my IMATs video :)

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