Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Simple Moisturiser & what do you recommend?!

Bonjourrrrrrr* (i don’t know why im speaking French) anyway...
If you follow my Youtube channel, you will know that I suffer from oily skin. It used to be STUPIDLY oily, however I now have it under control, YAY!!!
Due to my skin being so oily, I rarely used to moisturise. I know that no matter what skin type you have, you should always moisturise, but for me, it just did NOT work. But since ive controlled my breakouts and I don’t suffer from oily skin as bad, ive now started getting into moisturisers.
I recently purchased the Oil Balancing Moisturiser by Simple. I absolutely love it. Its really hydrating and it makes my skin feel soft. The product itself is light & fluffy so it doesn’t feel too heavy on my face. The consistency is creamy and dewy. Its not sticky or too thick in anyway. I highly recommend this product if you have oily/combination skin. My cheeks are quite dry, however im oily in my t-zone areas so this product is a winner for me as it works with both my skin types.
Im gonna try out other moisturisers too but I wanted to just let you know that this product is SIMPLY amazeballs J
I don’t remember the price, but it won’t be too expensive because im a cheap bitch and don’t spend lots of money on one item lol. The product is sold in most drug stores, superdrug /boots etc, so go check it out.
Thanks for reading.. Comment below if you recommend any moisturisers.
Love Grace xoxo

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  1. I dont have oily skin, but I went to school for skincare and we used a brand called Dermalogica. You should look at the site, all of the products are really good!