Monday, 24 January 2011

I haven't blogged in ages..

.. I just don't think im a "blogging" kinda of person. Id rather interact with me peoples via a video. LOL.
Anyways. So most of you probably know ive been dieting.. (if you dont know, fuck you bitch, where have you been?!?) *only joking*..
So I get weighed every monday and get measured every other monday. Last monday I couldnt be be bothered to post, however I lost 3pounds :):):):):) woohooo. 3pounds in a week is pretty good. To be honest with you though, I was slightly disappointed.. I think I had my hopes up a LITTLE too high.. But, 3pounds is better than nothing right?!
So today is monday, the dreaded motherfucking weigh in day. I really hope ive lost another 3pounds, that will make me happy.. I feel slimmer though :) Ive got a lil more room in my leggings today haha..
I don't particularly care about how much I weigh, I just wanna feel good, but for health reasons, I should get down to a decent weight for my height. Im 5ft7 and should be about 10.5-11stone.. (I so don't weight that) Dont judge me :( im a chunky monkey I know!!
So anyways, this is just a little ramble and a update :)
Im gonna post later on to let you guys know if ive lost anything..

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck lovely! 3 pound in a week is amazing! Have my fingers crossed for you tonight darling! :) xxx