Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wardrobe, be gone..

Hey :)
Ive recently been thinking about decorating my room. Its been the same for over 4 years now & I feel like its not me.. That then made me think that I need to MAJORLY sort out my wardrobes. I have 2, but one is full of clothes I no longer where. I was going to just throw them all out but then I realised that maybe alot of you guys would like to buy some?
I get complimented daily on my style and this is a great opportunity for you guys to have some of the clothes I wear. I get bored easily and my style is constantly changing. Let me know if you'd like to buy anything.
I have uploaded a video on youtube channel, once that has been up for a few days, I will then be able to tell if it is worth me selling my clothes.
If it is, pictures will be posted on here and money will be exchanged via PAYPAL - please note: this will be the only way I will except means of payment as it is the safest.
I will also upload another video of me wearing all the clothes so you can see what they look like on :)
Thanks for reading..

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  1. hiya,keeping a close eye here lol..when does it start

    Vanessa xx