Tuesday, 4 January 2011


So, I tweeted asking you guys whether or not to use a blog to go alongside with my youtube channel. I received alot of tweets saying that I should def use this blog J so here it is. I made this in September 2010 but I couldn’t get into the whole blogging world..  I didn’t have time before, but now I do so I think its gonna work out.
So anyways, im gonna use this to ramble about life, rant about bullshit, blog about my obsessions beauty, fashion, tattoos and let you all into the world of little old me.
Grace xo


  1. ok i left a comment but it has disappeared? I want to follow your blog but i cant find how to.
    Im so glad you decided to Blog again, I follow your tweets and watch your yt :)

  2. Hi, same here, there seems to be no follow button!

    Hope you have a chance to check out my blog: http://girlythingsbye.blogspot.com

  3. Um, oops, I figured it out. I take it back. Haha! Silly me. I follow now.

  4. Hey Hey! Welcome back to your blog! I'm following. I'm LFitz712 on tweet tweet! Was talking to you about it last night!That fav shoes post is a good idea, i might do it on mine!! Best of luck!
    Laura xo
    or LFitz712 on Twitter)
    (Or FitznBitz here on blogger) haha i sound like a schizophrenic with all the names!!